Move over Tech Stack, it's all about the Client Deck....

So, you've been bombarded with the message, 'build your tech stack’ and you know it's something you need to do. But knowing what to actually include in your tech stack is really tough.

With Xero advertising over 700 apps in their market place, how are you meant to know where to start?

But it doesn't have to feel like an impossible challenge. 

The secret? Start with your clients, not the tech.

Build a Client Deck instead.

What's inside?

In this download you'll find case studies, templates and 6 steps to build your Client Deck, including:

  • Why a Client Deck, not a tech stack?
  • Case Study: Mark Telford - Tech Stacks should carry a health warning
  • Tech clients want, need and love
  • How to determine what tech you need
  • 6 steps to mix your Client Deck
  • Free templates