Go crazy and use Diagnostax as much as you can, before 31st July.


Plan of action.  

There’s 3 ways to use your unlimited usage, during our Summer Countdown.

  1. Full comprehensive review
  2. Behind the scenes
  3. Build your own diagnostic
Behind the scenes

In busy season (November ’18 – Jan ’19), some of you blew away our expectations and completed tonnes of tax diagnostics.

Diana Stalioraitiene completed 37 diagnostics in January alone.

At the time, she was fairly new to the software and used this opportunity to go from amateur to absolute boss!

Here’s what she did, and why. 

Win New Clients

Why not book in some prospective meetings, and show these soon-to-be-clients something NEW! Once the other tax gap is revealed, it won't be forgotten. 

Find the 5 step process, here.