Limitless intaxication, this busy season

At Diagnostax, we’re focused on working with early adopter progressive accountancy firms, like yours.

For a limited time only, we’d like to offer you a one-off incentive. Exclusive to new customers in the next quarter.

You may already be familiar with our new pricing structure, a simple monthly fee with an annual usage allowance. 

The Offer

Any customer who wishes to commercialise with us between now and January will benefit from:

  • January FREE
  • Unlimited Tax Diagnostic Reviews from November 2018 – January 2019.

This is huge. Through unlimited tax diagnostic reviews, you can identify opportunities and quick wins that could reduce your client’s tax bills. All in a systematic, time and resource efficient manner.

The Plan

Honestly, we’re not mad.

We appreciate the challenges of onboarding and embedding software into a business. We just don’t want you to miss out, so we’ve thought up a way around that barrier…

During busy season, this initiative is designed to allow you to deliver unlimited tax diagnostic reviews behind the scenes.

How to service your existing clients, this busy season.
  1. Complete the tax diagnostic behind the scenes - use your awareness of the client, make realistic assumptions and use the client file where you can.
  2. Share the results of the report with your clients, in a brief meeting (perhaps tie into your pre-yearend catch up) – Select and share results the system has generated, and discuss the points to ensure your knowledge was accurate.
  3. Create an action plan, based on the opportunities discussed – Prioritise the tax issues, in line with your discussion, and fill out an action summary.

Whilst this is not the optimum way to deliver a tax diagnostic review (because it’s based on assumption and doesn’t involve the customer in the consultative process) – there is no denying the impression it will leave on your clients.

If you’re not excited by this offer, there’s a chance you’ve not been given much time to appreciate what a tax diagnostic review can easily deliver. Pop over to What is Diagnostax. I promise, we’ll still be here when you return.

  • Your clients are thinking tax, let them know you’re doing everything in your power to lower that bill.
  • Generate advisory revenues
  • Unlimited reviews during this period means that your remaining allocation of tax diagnostics (20/40/80/120) can be used on prospective customers or recently acquired customers from February onwards.
  • January FREE, saving you £99 - £499.


The value of this incentive is significant.

We are united in our cause: To bring as much value as we can, to the businesses and business owners that have entrusted us to support them.