Discover 7 areas of essential information you need to know about your client to deliver tax consultancy and help them achieve their real-life number.

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“I’ve recently downloaded the Discovery Form to gather information from my clients, and it feels GREAT – I feel like a special accountant asking questions like these!”

Karen Kennedy,

Kennedy Accountancy

Karen Kennedy

Ready to get serious about tax consultancy?

  • Many business owners fail to connect the work being done by the business to their real-life goals.

  • Clients need to understand how tax advice & consultancy can help them achieve their real-life number tax efficiently.

  • Discover the seven areas of essential information you need to know about your clients to deliver tax consultancy.

  • Help clients determine their real-life number and achieve their real-life goals quicker and tax efficiently.

Discovery with Diagnostax

With a Diagnostax subscription, access the complete Discovery toolkit, with all the resources you need to reach out, and help clients achieve their real-life number, better, faster, stronger and tax efficiently.

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